Three-day Museum Experience Course

Categories: Miscellaneous
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Course Overview

In this three-day “hands-on” course, students will create a museum experience, product or service.  Past students have created plans for museum summer-camp programs, architecture exhibitions, exhibition programs for visitors on the autistic spectrum and museum smart phone tours.  The objective of the three day course is to create experiences tailored to reach specific museum audiences.   

The course provides an introduction to design skills based on user research, experience evaluation, research of user demographics, communication skills and professional competence of openness to innovation.

Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, intellectual pursuits and openness to innovation. Project based learning with a “visitor-centric” viewpoint.

OBJECTIVES (After completing the course, students will be able):
Identify the importance of understanding users, and identify the requirements of different users
Develop solutions to the specific requirements of various users
Understand and develop experiences that create an emotional involvement
Understand the process required conceptualizing and designing, user focused experiences.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES (The student will be able to):
Identify the emotional aspects that play a key role in user interaction with a product or service.
Communicate the information obtained by observation and evaluation of a user.
Ability to analyze how users engage with a service or product
Provide quantitative feedback on how to improve the user experience